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Car Sharing for the Twin Cities


Sedans, hatchbacks and trucks available 24/7 at a flat rate of $8.50 per hour. Oh, and don't worry about gas and insurance. Those are on us.

Latest News

January 6, 2016

Click here to ride along to the co-op with HOURCAR member Nicki in our new how-to video.

December 10, 2015

You’re walking along 10th Ave in Dinkytown, thinking about finals and the nice weather, when – wait – what’s that? Is it… yes! A NEW Hourcar!

November 11, 2015

A new car has arrived on the University of Minnesota! The Discovery Lot, at the intersection of 4th St SE and 25th Ave SE, is now home to a Honda Fit. This new location provides easy-access car sharing for the Stadium Village / Prospect Park neighborhood.