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HOURCAR at the University of Minnesota

Use the code “UMN2016” to redeem.

U of M Students, Faculty & Staff

Not from the U? we have an undergrad rate

$35 annual membership fee
$8 per hour
$5 per hour, 11pm – 7am
Daily rate: $60/$70 Sat/Sun
180 free miles per reservation*

U of M Departments

The same hourly rates as individuals with no annual or monthly membership fees. There is a one-time set up fee of $25 per driver.

U of M Households

Streamline your and your partner’s account – one bill instead of two means half the hassle. Household members each pay a $35 annual fee.

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Important: to qualify, you must sign up with your email and/or provide verifiable proof that you are a current U student or employee.

*$0.25 per mile after 180

All fees are nonrefundable. Rates subject to 16.825% tax. Includes: city sales (.5%) state sales (6.875%), Transit Improvement Sales and Use (.25%) and motor vehicle rental (9.2%) taxes.