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HOURCAR is the car-sharing program of the non-profit Neighborhood Energy Connection. HOURCAR introduced car sharing to Minnesota in 2005 as a way for residents to get around conveniently without owning cars. HOURCAR offers savings plus a way to live and travel healthfully, reduce pollution, increase the beauty of our cities, and help our economy thrive. Bike, walk, or use transit and rely on HOURCAR for personal driving.

Any profits will be plowed right back into the program to keep rates low and serve you better (we’re a nonprofit, after all).

Find out how HOURCAR can rock your world.

Call us: 651.221.4462

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Visit or send postal mail:
1754 University Avenue West, Saint Paul, MN 55104

In addition to car sharing, the NEC supports your energy-conserving lifestyle with expert home energy audits and home improvement financing. To find out more, please visit