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Household Memberships

Make car sharing a family affair, even if you’re not related! Household plans are a great way to streamline your HOURCAR account and save money. Receive just one bill that includes itemized trip information for each Household Member. You’ll also get a discounted application fee when signing up additional Household Members, and you’ll qualify for reduced membership dues.

New Household Membership

If no one in your household is currently an HOURCAR member, follow these steps:

  1. Choose one household applicant as the household’s primary HOURCAR member. This person will be HOURCAR’s Billing Contact, and his or her name is on the credit card or bank account that will be used to pay HOURCAR invoices.

  2. Go to Household Membership. You’ll first complete an application for the primary Household Member (the Billing Contact), then for each additional Household Member. You’ll submit all household applications to HOURCAR in a group.


The HOURCAR Member Agreement—which all applicants will be asked to sign—makes the household’s Billing Contact legally responsible for payment of all HOURCAR charges for the household and for all obligations and liabilities of all Household Members’ that arise from any Household Members’ use of HOURCAR.

Additional Household Memberships

To add additional drivers living in your household, go to the Additional Drivers form and complete the simplified application for each additional household member. You’ll be asked to provide the name of the current, primary HOURCAR member in the household.

Save Money with a Household Membership

Application fees are $25 for the Billing Contact, and $25 for each additional Household Member. (The $25 application fee is nonrefundable, so make sure your roommates have good driving records before applying.)

Monthly fees are charged per household (not per Household Member). Households would owe one set of monthly dues for the whole household, not for each Household Member.

Sign up with the Household Membership application.