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Is It For Me?

Who uses HOURCAR? All sorts of folks, including:

Can you walk, bike, carpool, or take the bus or train to work? Can you accomplish your driving errands in a few hours per week? If so, join HOURCAR, and get rid of your own car! You’ll save several thousand dollars annually in insurance and other costs.

If your household has a rarely-used second car, get rid of it, and use HOURCAR as your backup car. Pick your ride from the HOURCAR fleet and use the best model for the job at hand—whether that’s hauling furniture, flowers, family, or Fido.

With HOURCARs on a half dozen Twin Cities campuses, there’s no reason for students to bring cars to college. Plus, HOURCAR has a great student rate plan, so you can get your off-campus errands done affordably.

Living downtown and paying too much just to park your car? HOURCAR’s rate plans include parking, as well as gas and insurance. You already live in a transit and pedestrian epicenter, why not reap the benefits?

Smart consumers:
Cars are endlessly expensive and their value drops daily. Use HOURCAR to get around town affordably and stylishly and forget about fixed costs and depreciation.

Business managers:
Want a socially responsible way to cut costs? Want to make your employees happy and provide a “green” benefit? Use HOURCAR as your business fleet.

And many others