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Billing Explained

Billing for Individuals & Households

You are billed the estimated cost of your trip on midnight of the day your reservation ended. When you make a reservation, our reservation system displays an estimated cost for your trip. The estimated cost includes hourly rates plus predicted mileage of 6 miles per hour reserved.

At the beginning of the month, you receive an invoice reflecting membership fees and any additional fees or credits accumulated during the previous month. The invoice also reflects the difference between the estimated mileage and the actual mileage driven. If you drove fewer or more than the estimated 6 miles per hour reserved, your invoice will show a credit or charge, respectively.

Business Invoicing Explained

At the beginning of each month your business receives an invoice reflecting: 1) all vehicle usage during the previous month broken down by driver, date, car, and distance driven, 2) annual membership fees and driver application fees, 3) any additional fees or credit accumulated during the previous month. Your business will have two weeks to submit payment for the invoice.

The first $75 annual fee ($25 for nonprofits) will be charged to the credit card on file. After approval, your business has the choice to pay invoices by check or credit card.