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Billing Explained

Individual, household and student members are billed using a Pay-As-You-Drive system. When a member makes a reservation, our reservation system displays an estimated cost for that trip. The estimated cost includes applicable hourly or daily rates plus predicted mileage of six miles per hour reserved. At the end of each day, members are charged, via credit card, the estimated cost for reservations completed that day.

At the beginning of each month, members receive an invoice reflecting their monthly membership fee (if applicable) and any additional fees or credits accumulated during the previous month. The final invoice balance will be collected on the date indicated on the invoice.

The monthly invoice also reflects the difference between the estimated costs that HOURCAR collected and the actual cost of each reservation during the previous month – typically just a few dollars. For example, if you made a reservation for several hours but drove very few miles, you can anticipate a credit on your invoice; if you drove a longer distance, please expect additional mileage charges on your invoice.

If you have any questions about your bill, we’d be glad to go over it with you. Call us at 612-343-CARS.