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Retrieving Your Driving Record from Another Country

If you hold a driver’s license from a foreign country and do not have a valid International Driving Permit, you will need to send us a copy of your driving record from your home country.

In many countries driving violations are recorded on your criminal record, which can be obtained from the police. If this is the case, a copy of your police record or document stating that you do not have a police record will serve as evidence of your driving record.

Once you have the information we need, save it as a .pdf file and send it to or fax a copy to 651-221-9831. Please also include a scan or copy of your valid driver’s license.

We regret that as a third party, we are unable to look up your driving history for you. You must contact the noted agency yourself to get your driving record information.


For licenses from Argentina please contact the Embassy of the Argentine Republic. They can be found at:
1600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20009
Phone: (202) 238-6400
Fax: (202) 332-3171

OR visit Registro Nacional de Reincidencia to get your record.


For licenses from Australia, you can obtain a copy of your driving record from any RTA Motor Registry. They provide up-to-date information including your demerit point count. To obtain a copy of your driving record, you must:
• Have proof of identity documents or your driver’s license available.
• Complete an “RTA request for information form” and pay a fee.

New South Wales: Please visit Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW for information.

Victoria: Please visit VicRoads for information.
South Australia: Please visit The Government of South Australia for information.

Western Australia: You can obtain your “Certified Copy of Traffic Infringements” from your local police station.


For licenses from Austria, please contact the Austrian Police Department at the following address:

Helmut Apfalter (ADir)
Sicherheits- u. Verkehrspolizeiliche Abteilung
Bundespolizeidirektion Wien
Josef-Holaubek Platz 1
1090 Wien
Telephone: +43 1 31 310 87100


For licenses from the Bahamas, please contact the Royal Bahamas Police Force Traffic Division in Nassau.


For licenses from Bahrain, please contact the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Traffic.

Phone: 17872222
Fax: 17686429

We will need 2 documents regarding:

1.) The validity dates of your license
2.) Any traffic accidents recorded against you


For licenses from Bangladesh, please contact the Bangladesh Road Transportation Authority (BRTA) via the Automobile Association of Bangladesh.

Phone: 8311492
Fax: (88 02) 835393


For licenses from Belgium, we need a copy of your criminal record, which contains information about traffic violations. Your record can be obtained via e-mail if you send a scan of personal identification. You can find all the details at the Service Public Fédéral.


For licenses from Brazil, please visit the DETRAN Brazil Portal to get your driving record (which will detail your license points).


In the past, we have received driving records from: The Capital Directorate of Interior “Traffic Police” Department or The Department of Motor Vehicles of Republic of Bulgaria.

Canada – Alberta

For licenses from Alberta, the form we will need is called a “Driver Abstract”. You can find instructions on how to request a Driver Abstract at Service Alberta. We need a 7-year driving history, so a 10-year printed Driver Abstract would be best. There are options for requesting it yourself or by having a friend or family member request it for you in a local office. Please choose the option that works best for you.

The base fee for these abstracts is $11 but each registry agent has different service fees. If you are inclined, simply request a receipt and we would be happy to reimburse you in the form of HOURCAR driving credits once your application is approved.

Not all agents take credit cards. Below is a list of offices that do accept credit cards:

Calgary: A+ Registry Services (403) 288 3333
Lethbridge: Western License + Registry Services (403)420 1030
Edmonton: Network Registries Alberta Inc. (780) 435 7800

Canada – British Columbia

For licenses from British Columbia the form we need is your Driver’s Abstract. You can request one by contacting the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
• From Greater Victoria, call 250-978-8300
• From Lower Mainland, call 604-661-2255
• From outside British Columbia, but within North America call 800-663-3051 (option 3)
• If you are outside North America call (collect) 250-978-8300

Canada – Manitoba

For licenses from Manitoba, please visit Manitoba Public Insurance

Canada – Ontario

For licenses from Ontario, please visit Ministry of Transportation for general information.

Canada – Quebec

For licenses from Quebec, we most often receive driving records through the Controle Routier Quebec.

When you request your Quebec driving record, it will be mailed to your address on file with the SAAQ. Be sure to request an English copy, or else you will have to get the French copy translated and notarized.

Canada – Saskatchewan

For licenses from Saskatchewan, the form we will need is a Driver Abstract. To obtain a Driver Abstract, SGI requires a written request from you providing your full name, date of birth and Saskatchewan driver’s license number (if available). The request must also include the applicant’s signature.

If requesting by mail, please forward the request and payment of $10 to:
SGI – Driver Abstracts
2260 11th Avenue
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 2N7.

Payment by check or money order is made payable to SGI. If you would prefer to fax your request, please fax to (306) 775-6681. Payments for faxing requests may be made by either VISA or MasterCard (please include your credit card number and expiration date with your request). Please remember to include your return fax number on your request.

For complete details:

Canada – Yukon Territory

For licenses from the Yukon Territory, please fax a request (including your date of birth, driver’s license number, phone number, VISA credit card number and expiration date, signature, and the fax number to which you would like your record sent) to: (867) 393 6220.

For questions, contact (867) 667-5315 or 1-800-661-0408 local 5315 (toll free within Yukon Territory).


For licenses from China, you can request your driving record from the agency that issued you your driving license. We most often receive driving records from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications Highway Bureau in the Taichung District Supervision Office. We have also received records from the Shenyang City Driving Administration.

Hong Kong:

You can get your record from the Hong Kong Police Department in the Criminal Traffic Prosecution Division.

Beijing: please visit Beijing Traffic Management Bureau for a copy of your record.


For licenses from Colombia, please visit the Ministry of Transport website. The General Direction of Transport and Automotive Transit will issue a Driving License Report, which will list any driving sanctions they have recorded. We have also received records issued by the Secretariat of Transit and Transportation from the Ministry of Transport.

Costa Rica

For licenses from Costa Rica, please consult to request and view a statement of the driving violations on file for your license.

If possible, please download or print a statement of these violations. You can also take a screen shot showing your name and violation.

Czech Republic

For licenses from the Czech Republic, please contact your local Municipal Office for more information about any entries on your record.


For licenses from Denmark, please contact the Danish National Police’s relevant department at:

Rigspolitiet, IT og Tele
Pas- og k\rekortsektionen
Landlystvej 34, DK-2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.
Phone: +45 4515 6390, alternatively: +45 4515 6371.

Simply call the above number and state that you need a letter in English containing
1.) Confirmation of a driver’s license
2.) Previous driving history/sanctions. They will require a letter stating what you require as well as your address and your signature


For licenses from France, we will need a copy of your “casier judiciaire”. Your casier judiciaire is available from the Ministére de la Justice. You can order it by filling out an online form, or you can request it by mail. Their address is:

Republique Francaise
Ministére de la Justice
Direction des Affaires criminelles et des graces
Casier judicaire national


For licenses from Germany, please visit Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt for information. Please request an English version of your driving record by noting it on the form that you download from their site.
You may also visit Auskunft aus dem Verkehrszentralregister.


For licenses from India, there are two options:

1. You can scan your driver’s license and forward it to us by e-mail at Some licenses from India have a section for endorsements where violations are either written in or punched. If your license has this section, we can use that as verification of your driving history if there are no endorsements. Please scan both the front and the back, unless there is nothing on the back.

2. If your driving license does not have a section showing endorsements, we will need other proof of your driving/police record. You can request a copy of your police record from the agency where you got your driver’s license. You can also have a friend or family member request this document for you.


You can request your Italian driving record from the Ministero dei Transpori as an estratto conto punti patente at


For licenses from Japan, the form we need is called the Clean Accident and Offense Record Certificate. For information, please visit the Japan Safe Driving Center.


For licenses from South Korea, the form we need is called the Certificate of Driver’s License. For information, please visit South Korea’s Driver’s License Authority at or . It appears (on the English site, at least!) that if you have a contact still in Korea, they should be able to visit a police station and receive a verification of your license history for a small fee. (We can reimburse you for any costs associated with requesting your driving history in the form of HOURCAR driving credits if/when you are approved.)


For licenses from the Netherlands, you can obtain a copy of your driving record by contacting the RDW at


For licenses from Norway, the form we need is called the Criminal Record Certificate that contains information about traffic violations. It can be obtained by faxing a form to the police department in your home district in Norway. For information and access to the form, please visit


For licenses from Panama, you can request an “account statement to date” from the Road Transit and Transport Authority, showing whether you have any cases pending. You could also retrieve your driving record at, if you have a newer digital license.

Saudi Arabia

For licenses from Saudi Arabia, please visit
1.) Click on the E-Services tab
2.) Go to “traffic” and choose “Query Traffic Violations”
3.) Enter your driver’s license number into the box. This will return to you the number of violations you have had.
4.) Please take a screen shot of your Query Results that includes your ID number
5.) Forward this information to us along with a scan of your driver’s license from Saudi Arabia at


For licenses from Taiwan, we need a document called a Traffic Accident Record. You can contact the Motor Vehicles Office in Taipei City for your Traffic Accident Record. More information and contact numbers are available at If there are any costs involved with requesting your Traffic Accident Record, we can reimburse you for any costs in the form of HOURCAR driving credits if/when you are approved if you provide us a receipt.