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HOURCAR is at MCAD! HOURCAR has a Honda Element on MCAD’s campus and several other HOURCAR locations in the neighborhood. MCAD students, staff and faculty members are eligible for reduced application fees (use your MCAD email address to receive the reduced application fee), and MCAD departments can join and have monthly membership dues waived. Join HOURCAR by completing an application and viewing our short online orientation.

I’m under 21, can I join?
Yes! Members with clean driving records can be as young as 18. See our Member Qualifications page for more information.

How much does it cost? How long (or short) can I make a reservation?
HOURCAR costs either $6 or $8 per hour, with overnight discounts, depending on your rate plan. Reservations can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as you want (in 15 minute increments).

Where is the car located on campus?
The HOURCAR is located in parking stall 19, just south of the main campus building and west of the new parking lot in a space with a “reserved for HOURCAR” sign.

I have a big project, will it fit in the car?
We hope so. The car is a Honda Element with wide-opening doors and can accommodate rather large materials.

Can I use any of the other HOURCARs I see around?
You can use any and all of the other HOURCARs you see around. These include cars in nearby neighborhoods and throughout the Twin Cities. Some of our cars even have daily rates available. See our locations page for more information.

I have more questions—where can I find answers?
Good question! We have many more answers in our FAQs, and you can always contact us at for more information.