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HOURCAR Introduces Student Rate Plan

Great Student Rates

HOURCAR announces the introduction of a student rate plan available to all undergraduate college students. Many college students’ lifestyles are well-suited to membership in a car-sharing organization: urban college campuses throughout the Twin Cities are located in walkable, bike-friendly, and transit-rich neighborhoods where students can easily meet their daily needs without a car. With HOURCAR, those students have access to a car when they need it, whether for shopping trips, internship and volunteer opportunities, or evenings out, while they avoid the cost and inconvenience of keeping a car on campus.

Undergraduate college students can now enjoy HOURCAR’s lowest hourly and daily rates for a $35 annual fee and no application fee. With locations at Augsburg, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, University of St. Thomas, Macalester College, and Hamline University, as well as throughout neighborhoods in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, thousands of college students throughout the Twin Cities have easy access to a car and only pay for their usage.

Usage rates on HOURCAR’s student plan are $6 per hour and $0.25 per mile, with daily rates of $55 during the week and $65 on the weekend available on select vehicles.