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Daily Rates Now Available on More of HOURCAR's Fleet

HOURCAR’s daily rates make it possible for members to use some of our cars for longer trips (up to three days). We keep most cars limited to hourly rate usage to ensure that cars are available for shorter trips, but we know that sometimes you need a car all day in the city and sometimes it’s nice to get out of town!

Daily rates cover any 24-hour period and include 100 miles per day. When you reserve cars to which daily rates apply, you are automatically charged the per hour and per mile rates or the daily rate, whichever is less expensive. It is easy to see which cars have daily rates available by comparing the estimated costs displayed when you make a longer reservation. You can use HOURCAR’s daily rates on recently added vehicles at the Lawson Ramp in downtown Saint Paul (HOURCAR #31), at Stevens Square (#35), and in Linden Hills (#36). Here’s a map of all of the cars to which daily rates apply.