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HOURCAR Needs Your Help

We need your help. During our current 31-vehicle expansion, we’d like to locate several new HOURCAR hubs in convenient curbside spots around Minneapolis. After more than two years of discussion, the City of Minneapolis has told us that this will not be an option.

At the same time, Minneapolis is about to sign a contract with car2go, the one-way car rental service of Daimler AG, manufacturer of the Mercedes-Benz and Smart model cars. Car2go will be purchasing access to hundreds of curbside parking spaces throughout Minneapolis to market its shared fleet of 250 Smart cars.

We want fairness, not exclusivity. Please use your voice as a valued HOURCAR member to tell the City to allow multiple car sharing options at curbside hubs. We know that on-street reserved parking for shared vehicles from multiple operators (including car2go) is perfectly successful in cities like Denver, Seattle, Washington D.C., and Toronto. Minneapolis should utilize its right-of-way to maximize benefits to everyone and that means ensuring people have access to as many green and affordable car-sharing options as possible.

There’s no downside. HOURCAR will pay market rate to the City for the parking locations we have requested. HOURCAR’s on-street hubs would be a win for you, a win for the environment, and a win for the City.

Please call, email, tweet or visit with your Minneapolis City Council representative below. Send a note to Mayor Rybak while you’re at it. Tell them you want the option of picking up and dropping off your reserved HOURCAR at convenient on-street locations. Let them know it’s important to you that Minneapolis does not fall behind other cities in its support for sustainable transportation, multimodal options, and the sharing economy.

We’ll keep you posted. Follow the latest on Facebook and on Twitter @hourcar.

Thank You.
Christopher, Megan, Chris, and the rest of the HOURCAR team.


Mayor R.T. Rybak
(612) 673-2100
Twitter @MayorRTRybak

Find your City Council representative here:

Ward 1 – Kevin Reich
(612) 673-2201

Ward 2 – Cam Gordon
(612) 673-2202

Ward 3 – Diane Hofstede
(612) 673-2203

Ward 4 – Barbara Johnson
(612) 673-2204
Email Web form:

Ward 5 – Don Samuels
(612) 673-2205
Email Web Form:

Ward 6 – Robert Lilligren
(612) 673-2206
Email Web Form:

Ward 7 – Lisa Goodman
(612) 673-2207
Email Web Form:

Ward 8 – Elizabeth Glidden
(612) 673-2208
Email Web Form:

Ward 9 – Gary Schiff
(612) 673-2209
Email Web Form:

Ward 10 – Meg Tuthill
(612) 673-2210
Email Web Form:

Ward 11 – John Quincy
(612) 673-2211

Ward 12 – Sandy Colvin Roy
(612) 673-2212

Ward 13 – Betsy Hodges
(612) 673-2213
Email Web Form: