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HOURCAR Wins University of Minnesota Contract

The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities has announced that it has selected HOURCAR to provide car sharing services on campus. Service begins August 1 with 10 new vehicles. Membership plans are now available for University students, faculty, staff and departments.

The 10 new HOURCARs at the University will be added to HOURCAR’s rapidly expanding fleet, which will now number more than 80 by early 2014.

“We are delighted to be working with the local, nonprofit car-sharing vendor,” said Steve Sanders, alternative transportation manager at the University’s Parking and Transportation Services department. “HOURCAR is a Twin Cities success story. They have tons of locations, they provide great member service and they’ll offer our community a seamless way to choose greener, healthier and more affordable ways to get to campus and beyond.”

HOURCAR is a program of the nonprofit Neighborhood Energy Connection and is the largest car-sharing operator in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Its fleet comprises a range of fuel-efficient hatchbacks, sedans, utility vehicles and pick-up trucks. Before the contract was announced, HOURCAR provided service to the University community via its nearby hubs in Stadium Village (Solhaus), Southeast Como (Van Cleve Park) Dinkytown (University Lutheran Church of Hope) and Cedar Riverside (Augsburg College), plus dozens of others located across the Twin Cities.

To learn more about HOURCAR at the University of Minnesota, or to become an HOURCAR member visit

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