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Roaming: Car Sharing Outside of the Twin Cities

Your HOURCAR membership allows you to roam with car-sharing organizations in other cities, giving you access to a vehicle even when you travel. Check the list below to see if we have a partner organization in the city that you’re visiting.

If you are visiting the Twin Cities and are a member of another car-sharing organization, look here for more information about roaming with HOURCAR.

HOURCAR Partners

Vancouver,BC 604-685-1393
modo. the car co-op
modo. the car co-op Drivers 19+ who are in good standing with HOURCAR can fill out the roaming agreement and email it to modo. Visit the modo office when you arrive in Vancouver to finalize your agreement and pick up your key fob. Here is a map of modo car locations.
San Francisco,CA 415-995-8588
City CarShare
City CarShare HOURCAR members can fill out a roaming application to drive with City CarShare in San Francisco and the Bay Area. There is no fee to sign up — just enter the promo code “CSOGUEST” and your HOURCAR member id number when you apply. Here is a map of City CarShare locations.
Boulder/Denver,CO 303-720-1185
eGo CarShare
eGo Car Share HOURCAR members 18+ can apply to drive with eGO when they visit the Boulder/Denver area. There is no application fee – just enter your HOURCAR member id in the notes section of the application. Pick up your key fob when you arrive. Here is a map of eGO car locations.

Madison,WI 607-277-3210
Community Car
Community Car If you are an 18+ student or a 21+ individual, you can roam with Community Car in Madison. When you apply, enter “CSO Guest” in the promo code and your HOURCAR member id number in the notes. Look here to view a map of Community Car locations.

Ithaca, NY 607- 277-3210
Ithaca Carshare
Ithaca Carshare To drive with Ithaca Carshare, fill out an application and choose their Just in Case rate – your membership will be active for 30 days. Contact them in advance of your visit. Here is a map of their car locations.

Burlington,VT 802.861.2340
Carshare Vermont
Carshare Vermont HOURCAR members can drive with Carshare Vermont in Burlington. When you apply to roam, you can either join their Share-a-Little or Share-a-Lot plan. Your application fee will be waived. Contact Carshare Vermont for more information. Here is a map of their car locations.
Toronto,Ontario 416-340-7888
AutoShare If you are 21+ you can apply to roam in Toronto. AutoShare will review your driving record and ensure that you are a member in good standing at HOURCAR. Just enter your HOURCAR member id number in the “why did you decide to join today?” section of the application and AutoShare will waive your application and membership fees. Here is a map of their car locations.

Roaming with HOURCAR

Traveling to the Twin Cities? Roam with HOURCAR when you visit. Just enter the name of your home car sharing organization and your member ID in the promotional code section of our application, and we will waive your application fee. Once we confirm that you are a member in good standing at your home organization, we will get you set up to roam. We encourage you to apply well in advance of your trip.