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Car Sharing Saves You Money

Owning a car is expensive

Car ownership means monthly loan payments or a big hole in your bank account. Then you shell out nonstop for gasoline, insurance, parking, registration, plus repair and maintenance costs, all while your vehicle’s value drops fast.

Because it’s sitting there calling to you, you probably drive your car a lot—even for trips that you could easily make in cheaper, healthier, safer, less polluting and more entertaining ways.

Sell your car – or don’t buy one in the first place

You have good transportation options in the Twin Cities. Walk, bike, grab a Nice Ride or use transit to reach most of your daily destinations. Carpool with your sweetheart (or your neighbor) or take a taxi. When you need a private car, simply reserve an HOURCAR for the amount of time you need.

As an HOURCAR member you control the manner you get around, PLUS the amount of money you spend on transportation. That’s great!

Compare HOURCAR to the typical costs of car ownership

Car Ownership: $7,152 per year
2009 Chevrolet Malibu Sedan, valued by Edmund’s True Cost to Own

HOURCAR Lifestyle*: $4,850 per year
Metro Transit unlimited ride pass, rush hour fare: $1,020
Bicycle tune-up & equipment: $200
Walking shoes & gear: $200
Taxi service – (2 round trips per month): $660
Rental car – 1 week, sedan: $250
HOURCAR: $2,520 (Includes 10 reserved hours driving plus two 24-hour Daily Rate reservations each month)

*This model assumes that you will use transit year ‘round; that you will bike whenever you want to; and that you will take two round trip cab rides each month—one for 10 miles and the other for 5 miles. We’ve also built in a week of car rental for a road trip and a pair (or two) of walking shoes, plus a backpack, umbrella and an all-weather coat.

You probably won’t spend nearly this much money on transportation—most HOURCAR members don’t. But isn’t it nice to know you can, and still save a bundle?